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Bashneft Spends 5.6 Billion Roubles on Environment-Oriented Projects in 2020

02 March 2021

In 2020, Bashneft, a subsidiary of Rosneft Oil Company, invested 5.6 billion roubles in environment-oriented projects across the territory of its operation. The main investments were aimed at the implementation of programmes for pipeline reliability improvement, safe industrial waste disposal, an increase of associated petroleum gas utilization, reclamation, reforestation and replenishment of fish stocks.

Preservation of the environment for future generations is an integral part of the corporate culture and business operations of Rosneft. The Company aims to achieve leadership positions in minimizing the environmental impact and ensuring the eco-friendliness of its production.

Due to the sustainable development of pipeline reliability improvement programme in 2020, Bashneft reached drawdown of pipeline failure rate by 11% compared to the previous year indicators in the main area of extraction, ‑Bashkortostan. 309 kilometres of upstream pipelines were replaced.

As a result of the implementation of the gas programme, Bashneft ensured a high level of associated petroleum gas utilization in Bashkortostan - up to 96% (standard is at least 95%), while at the largest field in the republic, the Arlanskoye field, this indicator reached 99%. In 2020, under the programme, the reconstructed power plant in Duvansky district of Bashkortostan was put into operation to involve in the production additional 750,000 cubic metres of associated petroleum gas annually.

Bashneft recycled over 155,000 tons of oily wastes in 2020. The recycling process is organized on specialized sites using advanced technologies that have passed state environmental assessment and are most environmentally friendly. Moreover, in 2020 Bashneft reclaimed over 1,500 hectares of lands in the area of oil fields development in Bashkortostan.

In refining, Bashneft continued to upgrade key production facilities in 2020. In October, the Republic of Bashkortostan and Bashneft signed an investment agreement for the construction of a reserve process line of an elementary sulphur production unit at the Ufa refinery. The commissioning of the object will enable Bashneft’s refinery to increase the utilization rate of hydrogen sulphide containing gas that is released during the production of high-quality Euro-5 motor fuels and Euro-6 fuels with decreased concentration of sulphur and other harmful substances.

In 2020, Bashneft stepped up a number of green initiatives aimed at replenishment of water resources in Bashkortostan, Nenets and Khanty-Mansi autonomous areas. Bashneft workers released over 1.2 million highly valued fish fry into water bodies of these regions and cleared 5.5 square kilometres of coastal areas from household wastes. The Bashkortostan oilmen also planted over 240,000 fir and pine trees on an area of 60 hectares in several Bashkortostan districts.

Great attention is paid to the organization of constant environmental supervision near the production facilities of the enterprise. In 2020, the number of samples analysed in these areas exceeded 145,000 that is 6% higher than in 2019. The effective environmental control helps to prevent potential environmental risks.

Note for Editors:

Bashneft is one of the oldest oil and gas enterprises in the country engaged in oil extraction and processing. The key assets of Bashneft, including the refinery and petrochemical complex, are located in the Republic of Bashkortostan. Oil and gas exploration and production are also carried out in Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area--Yugra, Nenets Autonomous Area, Orenburg Region and the Republic of Bashkortostan.

In its regions of presence, Bashneft is consistently implementing massive projects for maintenance of the environmental balance of land and water resources, preservation of flora and fauna and atmospheric air impact decrease.

Information Division
March 2, 2021